Letter from the 16th Grand Worthy Matron…..

One Sunday at church Brother Harold Mullins handed me a piece of paper and said fill this out and the journey began…On April 23, 1986 along with 42 others from Carrollton, Georgia we made our way to 330 Auburn Avenue to re-establish Carrollton Chapter No. 28. Why did I fill out the application? Why am I here; because the late Brother Harold Mullins told me to fill out the application? In other words, expand my horizon.

I must drop a few names here in addition to Brother Harold Mullins- the late Brother Bobby Lee, District Worthy Patron, Past Matrons Dorothy Jackson, Catherine Turner, Mollie Scott, Tyree J. Walters, Past Deputies John Williams, Gordon Peppers, Willie Prince, Joseph Reese, Past Grand Associate Patron Willie Scofield, and Past Grand Matron Florence M. Hogan – Sisters and Brothers that had no problem coming to Carrollton to ensure we were taught and supported.

In 1989, under the leadership of the late Bonnie Thomaston, Worthy Matron I attended my first Grand Session. I still remember sitting in the back of the room listening to Past Grand Worthy Patron the late E.E. McIntrye speak and recite poetry so beautifully and I never missed another Grand Session, until last year. I continued to attend Grand Session with my childhood friends and Sisters in the Order, the late Deborah Lindsey and Kathi Henson. Carrollton Chapter was present under the leadership of Past Worthy Matrons Anne Sheppard, Mary Graves, Annell Lindsey, and Kim Kendall, Past Worshipful Masters Eugene Swint, Willie Lowe, Claude Dothard, and Ernest Thomaston.

I served the Atlanta Masonic District No. 3 as District Worthy Matron in 2000. I would like to give a special thanks to Sister Stevenson for always being there for me, especially when I started the “We Care Fund”. Special thanks to Sister Joyce Hampton, who always kept it real.

To All the Past Grand Worthy Matrons and Patrons that gave to me in their own way, a heartfelt thanks. Special thanks to Past Grand Worthy Matron Ruby C. Clayton who recognized a spark in me that she wished to cultivate by giving me my first appointment, Grand Marshal.

To Carrollton Chapter, my foundation and support, Recognizing Carrollton Lodge, to whom this would not be possible if the Brothers of Carrollton Lodge No. 57 and the late Annie Mae Wilson had not wanted their Chapter back, I thank you.

I have loved every minute of my journey. My family has given up so much for me to give to others. I thank you…. My mom spent a few years in the room taking care of Kobe and other babies just so I could continue to work for this organization. Thank you Mom…. Curtis has heard so many times just a few more minutes and I’ll be off the phone….. Thank you Curtis
Kobe has grown up in the Order, I thank each of you for the positive impact you have had on my child’s life. Thank you Kobe for sharing me and allowing me to be Kobe’s MOM to the best daughter I’ll ever see.

I know there is no such thing as a smooth mountain, but let us try to make the rough areas smooth by remembering the Oath we took when joining this Organization and the Oath we each took as officers in front of an open Bible. That Oath was to God, not a chapter, not a district or a title – but to GOD.

I will never live in a title, I am who I am
Do I believe I earned this? DARN Straight

So let’s make a brand new ending….. I am the 16th Grand Worthy Matron for the Jurisdiction of Georgia. I’d like to use SWEET 16th – Serving With Energy, Enthusiasm, and Talent as my theme and slogan We will Serve with Energy and Enthusiasm string up the gifts. We can create the Order we all can be proud of when we allow our Talents to flow freely and unencumbered by back biting, and other negatives which serve only to stifle and derail the works we have set out to do.

Sisterly and Loving It,
Deaidra P. Wilson