Dublin No. 19


Sis. Dorothy Boston 
District Worthy Matron

Bro. Royce Jameson Hall
District Worthy Patron

Fidelity No. 45

Worthy Matron:Chandra Hall
Worthy Patron:Royce J. Hall
Secretary:Marilyn Moore
Meetings:2nd Tuesday at 7pm

Rose of Beulah No. 251

Worthy Matron:Mary Stewart
Worthy Patron:Lonnie Lewis
Secretary:Helen Spaulding
Meetings:2nd Saturday at 9am

Elmirah No. 77

Worthy Matron:Sheila Wilmore Butler
Worthy Patron:Larry Wilmore
Secretary:Cecila Wilmore Solomon
Meetings:1st Tuesday at 7:30pm

Irwinton Light No. 324

Worthy Matron:Carolyn Ingram
Worthy Patron:Roger L. Smith
Secretary:Susie Smith
Meetings:2nd Monday @6:30PM

Rising Sun No. 115

Worthy Matron:Lillie Hobbs
Worthy Patron:Reginald Rozier
Secretary:Cathaleen Traylor
Meetings:2nd Tuesday @ 7pm

Garden of Eden No. 344

Worthy Matron:Rosa M. Love
Worthy Patron:Floyd E. Mincey
Secretary:Margaret L. Love
Meetings:1st Saturday at 9:00am