Macon No. 5


Sis. Eva Marie James
District Worthy Matron

Bro. Levester Watkins
District Worthy Patron

Pride of Forsyth No. 144

Worthy Matron:Adrione King
Worthy Patron:Marshall Tinsley
Secretary:Mary Slaughter
Meetings:1st & 3rd Monday at 7:00 pm

Putnam No. 34

Worthy Matron:Alisa Crudup
Worthy Patron:Michael Brannon
Secretary:Leila J. Williams
Meetings:2nd & 4th Wednesday at 7:30 pm

Superior No. 160

Worthy Matron:Felisa Mathis-Jones
Worthy Patron:Stanley Ford
Secretary:Annie L. Bishop
Meetings:Saturday before 2nd Sunday at 11:00 am

Central City No. 46

Worthy Matron:Shunderlon Holt
Worthy Patron:Larry Harden
Secretary:Mary Stephens
Meetings:1st and 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 pm

Daughters of Barnesville No. 465

Worthy Matron:Elaine Buckner
Worthy Patron:Charles Pennamon
Secretary:Martha Williams
Meetings:Thursday after 2nd Sunday

Pride of Fort Valley No. 480

Location:Fort Valley
Worthy Matron:Emma Jean Willis
Worthy Patron:Luster Dixon
Secretary:Belinda Talton
Meetings:1st and 3rd Tuesday at 6:00 pm

Amy R Dunn No. 82

Worthy Matron:Saria Harris
Worthy Patron:Erroll Scandrett
Secretary:Belize Hopkins
Meetings:1st & 3rd Monday at 6:30 pm

Baldwin No. 486

Worthy Matron:Priscilla Hill
Worthy Patron:Ronald Stevenson
Secretary:Patricia A. Watkins
Meetings:2nd & 4th Thursday at 6:00 pm

Hopewell No. 132

Worthy Matron:Deborah Dorsey
Worthy Patron:Willie Adams
Secretary:Mary Ann Gordon
Meetings:2nd Saturday at 10 am